Information about using E-Stake to create and manage tickets


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E-Stake login?

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Are you a contractor working at one residential address per ticket?

The Single-Address Ticket feature is now available for you – no advance training required!

Are you a homeowner/occupant working in your own yard or property?

Request E-Stake Training

Arizona 811 appreciates your interest in receiving free E-Stake training.

Training takes about 90 minutes and is available via webinar or in-person at the Arizona 811 Training Center in Tempe.

Arizona 811 provides on-site training and demonstrations for companies and local government agencies in need of group training.

An online training manual is also available for review. To access it please click here.

Project designers: Check out our online session that walks you through the process of using E-Stake to submit design requests.

To schedule free training, or if you have questions or need E-Stake support call (602) 659-7500, Option 5
or email eStake@Arizona811.com

In honor of National 811 Day 2017, we recognized the top 15 professional contractors  who used our E-Stake system with the highest quality and who demonstrated safe digging practices by not having any reported damages of underground utilities within the past year. To view the full list, click here.


Some Great Reasons You Should Be Using E-Stake

  • Free training
  • Free on-going user support
  • Single-Address-Ticket function now available for contractors
  • Available all day, every day – create tickets on your schedule
  • Receive after-hours Emergency Contact numbers on your ticket
  • Easily update tickets by expiration date from your PC or mobile device
  • Check for positive responses
  • Email  a copy of your ticket to sub-contractors
  • Save time, especially if you generate numerous tickets each month
  • Coming soon:  The ability to add documentation by facility owner